Site Setup Intake Form & Terms of Service

Important: Read Everything Below Carefully

Complete the questionnaire at the bottom of this page to get the setup process started. Once you submit it, your setup will be assigned to one of our team members and that person will email you shortly thereafter and the process of building out your site will begin. Boom!

From this point forward, only use our support email for any further questions, and correspondence:


Your monthly billing cycle starts 30 days from the date you signed up with us

The sooner you complete this questionnaire the better. The turnaround time of the site depends greatly on your responsiveness with this questionnaire and any additional info we’ll need during the setup process.

If you complete your questionnaire in the next 24-48 hours there is no reason your website won’t be live before the first installment kicks in 🙂

**** Important: Please remember that the deposit/setup charge is non-refundable once the website development process has started.****

Website Design

Through the years, we have developed and fine tuned a process and layout system that has been very successful. Our goal is to build a website that serves your prospects and existing customers in the best way possible. After all, we are building the website for them, more than anyone else. Our team will work with you to develop a layout and design that fits your agency and the way you do business.

Our Process (and What's Included)

As we mention on our FAQ, the setup fee you paid covers the cost of us building out your new website on your chosen framework, as well as optimizing the entire website for SEO.

The typical setup process takes us on average 30-40 hours to complete, give or take depending on the clients’ existing site and how much content we have to install and/or optimize. That 30-40 hours is normally spread out over the course of 10-20 days depending on the response time from the client.

Once the website is ready for you to review, we will send you a “draft” of the website for your review and make and necessary adjustments at your request.

What's Not Covered

Please keep in mind the setup and/or monthly charge DOES NOT COVER the following things:

  • Ongoing creation of custom images, graphics, or icons 
  • Custom templates or layouts from other websites you see that are not already included in our frameworks
  • Ongoing copywriting (blog articles or content)

We do offer these services on a one-off-purchase basis and will direct you to the right place if you need help 🙂

Change Requests & Revisions (Scope of work)

95% of the time, the client loves the site and is ready to go live with a hand-full of minor revisions that typically take us less than an hour to complete.

In other situations, the client will have a tough time making up their mind, and ask us for dozens of rounds of revisions that take several more days to complete, that fall outside of the initial “scope of work” (setup charge and timeline they have paid for).

In those situations (which is less than 5% of the time) we typically charge what we call a “setup boost” which is $400, which covers the cost of the additional time it takes to make all those changes.

We handle these situations on a case-by-case basis, and will obviously warn the client ahead of time that there could be a possibility of additional charges based on their requests.

After-care Support

Speaking of help, once your website goes live, you will have access to our expert team of web technicians, developers and marketers. If you need help or have questions, you can simply email us, or schedule a call. We know our stuff and are here to help you if you run into questions or issues!

We also have a complete library of training tutorial videos that will show you exactly how to get the most out of your site, from posting blog articles, to creating new forms, and much more!

P.S. we offer phone and/or Zoom support by scheduled booking only

Taking Your New Website Live

Our job at AE is to provide you with not just a better looking website, but a more technically sound website inside and out, that improves your digital presence long term. During the setup process, we are normally forced to clean up and correct link structure, page content, navigation order, and the overall structure of the site we’re working on.

After pushing the new version of the site live, it can take Google up to 180 days to re-index the new sitemap depending on the crawl rate of your old site, which is typically pretty slow for sites that don’t regularly create new content.

This means that you may experience a temporary dip in rankings/traffic/leads as Google is re-crawling the new version of your site, discovering the new content and/or changes. This is completely normal and nothing to be concerned with.

99% of the time our client sites’ rankings improve almost immediately, but there are some situations and things that are out of our control as far as how fast Google moves with re-crawling the new site.

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